Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a pound of yarn?

Is Yarnia yarn only for machine knitters?
What fibers do you have in stock?
Which of your yarns are machine-washable?
How many strands should I use to make my yarn?
How many colors should I use?
Do you have any yarn that's already made? Can I see some examples?
Is your yarn more expensive than regular yarn shops?
Can I purchase a large amount of your yarn wholesale?
What if I want to mix different fibers together? How does the pricing work?
Yarnia's yarn isn't twisted. Will this affect the way my knitting looks?

Is this the same as just knitting from two different skeins of yarn at once?
What is a Yarn Pet, and do I need one?
I have a bunch of cones of yarn at home, myself. Can I combine those with what you have at the store to make a custom blend out of my stash?
If I'm combining different types of fiber, how will this affect the washability of the garment?
I see YPP on all your cones. What does that mean?
I hate math. Will I still be able to handle this?


General Knitting & Crocheting Technique Questions

Yarnia-Specific Technique Questions

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